winhotspot Virtual WiFi Router 2.1

Connect your device to a hot spot for Wi-Fi service when away from your router

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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winhotspot Virtual WiFi Router 2.1
winhotspot Virtual WiFi Router Version 1.2.42

Winhotspot Virtual WiFi Router is a free piece of software that helps you create virtual hotspots for WiFi signals. This way, if you only have a wired internet connection to your WiFi-enabled computer, you can use the software to share the wired connection through the PC via a virtual hotspot.

This app essentially allows the user to transform a Windows system running Windows 8.1 or newer into a virtual wireless router or WiFi hotspot. If you have a WiFi router already, you could use the power of the app to act as a range extender for the existing signal.

Using this software and understanding how it works are both exceptionally easy. The idea behind the software is quite basic, really. With this piece of software, you can share network resources across several devices via a mini-network powered by the single web connection. An excellent example of a situation in which this software would be beneficial might involve a router connected to you PC via ethernet cable. If that router doesn't include built-in WiFi functionality, you can allow the system to create a temporary WiFi hotspot.

It's important to note that this software can even work if the router hardware does include WiFi support. For example, if your router is situated in one area of the home, and your PC is situated in another, yet they have been hard-wired together via ethernet, then you can create an extension of the WiFi network around the PC. If you find yourself using a mobile device, and you are too far from the router but within range of the PC, this could be an excellent option.

For optimal security, the software only works for those who have a valid username and password. The visual bandwidth monitor makes it easy for you to see which devices are using the most data so you can regulate their performance.

One downside to this software is that there are numerous similar tools out there that perform the same function. However, this version is a bit easier to learn and use, so it might be your default option for virtual WiFi hotspot creation.

The user interface for this piece of software is designed with graphical intensity and focus, which helps make the processes even easier to perform. If you are about to create a WiFi hotspot using your newly-installed software, be sure to select the connection that should be shared. In some cases, multiple available connections can confuse the software.

In order for your devices to authenticate their syncing with the virtual network, you'll have to set a device name and password for every device you want to connect. On the side of the app window is a smaller window that helps you authenticate connected devices. You can also use the tool to see stats and system details.


  • Intuitive GUI
  • WiFi Hotspot Creation
  • Share Internet Connection


  • Slow Launch Speed
  • Requires At Least Windows 8.1
  • Subpar Design

Winhotspot is a free, virtual WiFi router program for Windows.

The program allows you to turn your PC into a WiFi router, which means you can turn your wireless card into a hotspot and share your Internet connection with other wireless devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices with Internet connectivity. It is compatible with most versions of Windows, and the interface has been updated to a "metro feel," similar to the Windows 8 design.

Winhotspot includes several features within its user-friendly interface. The main menu allows you to configure the name and password of your hotspot, and it also has legacy repair tools to help with older systems. A client list shows the list of clients connected to your device, and the WiFi Scan menu lists other WiFi signals in range. The scan shows detailed information about the other hotspots, including their SSID, authentication method, BSSID, signal strength, and other details. As of version 2, Winhotspot is a very popular program with over 2 million downloads.

To run the program, download and install the package, and then open the program to the main menu. Under Hotspot Name, enter the name you wish for your new network, enter a password of more than eight characters (uncheck the "hide" box if you wish to see your password), and then select how you would like to share your Internet under the third box, e.g., "Local Area Connection" or "3G Wireless." Once you are done, click "Start," and your hotspot should appear to nearby devices.

A set of repair tools at the bottom of the dialogue box may be able to fix issues if you have any problems creating a connection. Also, the developers are actively maintaining the program and may be able to help with unresolved technical issues.


Easy-to-use shareware program

Repair tools available for legacy systems

Program still being actively updated


Technical issues not always resolved with repair tools

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